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Would you like to see everything from above you should consider to try and fly with one of our rc-airplanes. It is free of charge. Just show up when we are present and we will help you. It is not that difficult at all

The airfield is approved for oversize model- and jetplanes



If you would like to come and play just show up! Here on the link below you can see when we are on the spot:

Flying time


Or you can call us to get an appointment of your own, pls. contact:


Chairman, RC airplanes:

Christian Lyck Hansen


tlf.: 0045 3052 4020


If you would you like to practise with your own airplanes when nobody else is in RC Parken you are welcome to do so. But first you have to contact the chairman so that we know who is playing in "RC Parken"

Contact the chairmann

Flyving is a super hobby, but airplanes require security and responsibility. Therefore we have the regulations for "RC Parken". They are called:

RC Parkens Flyvereglement


Some nice planes to look at:

RC Parkens Maskot

RC Mustang




Would you like to learn how to build a RC airplane?

Just contact us!!


RC airplane

RC airplane


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