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"RC Parken" has rc airplanes, rc cars and rc boats in all aspects

"RC Parken" covers approx. 3 hectare land!


RC airplane facility

Own airspace 1200 x 1200 m

The airfield is approved for oversize models and jets

We have asphalt landing ground, grass landing grounds and heliports.

The asphalt landing ground is 130 x 14 meter

The biggest of the grass landing grounds is 200 x 14 meter


RC car facility

We have three roadways

An asphalt roadway (on-road), two dirt roadways (off-road) and one rc-crawl


RC boat facility

We have a great lake for rc boats. The lake is approx. 4000 squaremeters

Common area

There is space for approx. 100 parking cars, barbecue places and possibility for camping and much more. Come and see for yourself. You are so very welcome


Here is a draft of the "RC Parken"



The management of RC Parken

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