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"RC Parken" is a playground for all kind of Radio Controlled models.

"RC Parken" is situated in the south of Denmark, Europe


"RC parken" consists of several independent clubs. There are clubs for rc-airplanes, rc-cars and rc-boots.

Would you like to see how "RC Parken" is looking:

RC Parken

Every single club has its own board.To link these boards together we have a management.

The management of the RC Parken

we call it:

RC Parkens direktion

is responsible for the operation, security and economy of the park. The co-operation between the management and the owner is taking place in

The bord of RC Parken (executive committee)

We call it:

RC Parkens bestyrelse

"RC Parkens bestyrelse" consist of the owner, three members of the family and a representative for each independent club

Would you like to see how the RC Parken is organised:

How the RC Parken is organised


Our flag and our wings. What do they tell?


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