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The Board of the RC Parken

RC Parkens bestyrelse

Chairman of the board: Hans Peter Ruwald "Bille", Veterinary surgeon


phone: 0045 4053 0408


Member of the board: Bjørn C. Ruwald, cand. merc


phone: 0045 4053 0301


Member of the board: Lars C. Ruwald, mechanic


phone: 0045 4053 2112


Member of the board: Charlotte C. Ruwald, cand merc


phone: +45 4052 1412


Member of the board: Christian Lyck Hansen, managing director RC Parken


phone: 0045 30524020


Member of the board: Per Hamann, deputy manager RC Parken, RC cars


phone: 0045 4073 6120

Member of the board:

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